Works in this project include:

/// ‘L1l1’

/// ‘Aphrodite’s Spaceship – Ishtar’s Star Pod’

/// ‘The Anamurai Prophecy’

The project ‘Visions From Al-Asiia’ focus on Futurism inspired from an Al-Ashiyan [Cypro] perspective. The project draws from Cypro-Futurism developed by Ayshia Taskin in 2018-19. Cypro-Futurism merges MENA-region, Cypriot and Levantine mythologies/cultures with tech/Cyborg-based Sci-Fi and Feminism. 

The Cyborg is the symbol and figure which represents both power and oppression, the enslaved and the potential to author its own destiny. It is a liminal mechanised body programmed to obey and serve its master. Therefore, the Cyborg is unaware of its ability to define its future. 

L1l1, Ayshia Taskin [ a y s h ] , 2021, KnownOrigin
Sentience, Ayshia Taskin [ a y s h ] , 2021, Part of L1l1