Areficul In Sand [2019]
‘Areficul in Sand’ 1005 x 0.53 cm [2019]

Ayshia’s printmaking practice explores the performative and contemporaneous aspects of the screen-printing process. Her ten-meter prints exist as conceptual pieces of documentation of the performances that produce these complete and exhibited objects. For Ayshia, the kinematic aspect and use of the physical body, through the geometry of motion and laborious production, are some of the main focal points in producing these absurdly long and space-hogging prints. That unseen labour is witnessed through immense aesthetic representations akin to glitched-panoramic landscapes that have been subtly chopped up and are now out of sync.

‘It’s A Long Way To The Other World’ 1005 x 0.53 cm [2019] on show at Islington Arts Factory, London

performative screen-printing