How are you looking after yourself during COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreaks and lockdown? A series of live-streamed performances in association with [SHIFT:ibpcpa] full performances can be viewed here

As I get settled into a few months of self-imposed curfew, I won’t have access to my usual studio setting. But, artists are a resilient bunch, and I am particularly interested in finding innovative ways of showing performance pieces. For that reason, I’ll be producing a series of ‘LOCKDOWN PERFORMANCES’ until the pandemic is over. During my performances, I will perform actions based on my admiration for the Viennese actionists. I don’t mind being locked in a tiny room to allow my unfulfilled potential to erupt through pandemic-enforced boredom with a dose of anxiety. The performances will be available to view on the [SHIFT:ibpcpa] Periscope channel. So, tune in and watch Neo-Fluxai action.