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2021, “Supporting the Arts“, Virtual, UK

2021, “World Of Light“, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

2021, “5000 Peeple”,, Crypto/Blockchain

2021, “Museum of GIF Art“, H=N/NFTKunst, Crypto/Blockchain

2021, “Showroom”, NFTShowroom, Crypto/Blockchain

2021, “Worldwide Virtual Exhibition”, The Stable Gallery, Hampshire, England

2021, “ne-onic”, OnCyber-WSG, [Collab with D. Bongiovanni], Crypto/Blockchain

2021, “Augmented Reality”, AR Arts, Leeds, England

2021, “KO”, Known Origin, Crypto/Blockchain

2021, “OBJKT”,, Crypto/Blockchain

2021, “Key of Keys”, SpiritSpace, [Collab with D. Bongiovanni], Guildford, England

2021, “Channel 43”,, Virtual, USA

2021, “Voice Extender”,, Virtual, INT

2021, “Open Fragments“, Pragmata Collective, Virtual, UK

2021, “Balcony_Art”, Balcony Art Network, Virtual, Germany, EU

2021, “Wild and Newfangled Art”, MoWNA, Virtual, New York, USA

2021, “Open Screen”, Taos Center for the Arts, Taos, New Mexico

2021, “Performative Mundane Acts of the Everyday“, Dfbrll8r Gallery at Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, USA

2021, “Soft Tissue”, Squishy Sessions, London, England

2021, “InstaShow”, VCZGallery, Virtual
2021, “Interim”, Interim Arts, London, England
2021, “TVWCT”, r_is_n.projects, Virtual Space
2021, “The Castle“, Arthousehaus, London/Berlin, UK-EU
2021, “Screenprint Biennial“, New York, USA
2021, “Les(Im)mattériaux?”, Galerie XY, Olomouc, Czech Republic
2021, “Hello World”, Transcultural Exchange, Boston MA, USA
2021, “Towards Gestalt”, Bangkok Biennial, Bangkok, Thailand.
2020, “GifItUp”, Europeana/DAG Museums, EU/India, Virtual
2020, “Open 2020”, [Collab with
D. Bongiovanni], Southwark Park Galleries, London
2020, “Transient”, t.ransienttt, Merseyside, England
2020, “Digital Temple”, Grooks Gallery, Bristol, England
2020, “Red”,
Rooftop Arts Centre Gallery, Corby, England
2020, “
Undocumented Events and Object Permanence“, Noemata/, Web
2020, “Bilboard”, Jack Arts, Edinburgh, Scotland
2020, “This Is Tomorrow”, Zembla Gallery, Hawick, Scotland
2020, “
Alt_D Online“, Alt_D, Edinburgh, Scotland
2020, “TeleUphoria”,
TeleUphoria Media Network, Broadcast, USA
2020, “MGPA”, Millers Grove Public Access, Virtual, USA
2020, “2020 Maiden LA”,
Maidan LA, Virtual, LA, USA
2020, “Coming Home”,
Gallery 1313, Virtual
2020, “
Online Blush“, Online Playroom, Virtual
2020, “TRANSIENT”, Art & Technology, Online
2020, “Can You Hear Me?”, Markaj Art, Ankara, Turkey
2020, “Exhibition & Display”,
Haus-A-Rest, London, UK
2020, “
A Piece of My Cake“, Coldbench, Virtual Exhibition, International
2020, “Plastic Follies”, Virtual Exhibition, UK
2020, “QuAR(T)antine”,
Performance Køkkenet, Copenhagen, DK
2020, “Creative Happenings”, ArtLifeBrum, Birmingham, UK
2020, “#Re-Merge”, Discord/Virtual, International/Scotland, UK
2020, “AIRO”, ColdBench, Online Art Residency, International
2020, “Lockdown Performances”, The Wall Space Gallery,
Periscope, UK
2020, “Witchy: Feminist”, Ely Centre for Contemporary Art, New Haven, USA
2020, “The Wonders of Women”, WOW Gallery, Texas, USA
2020, “TCAE”, YEE (Yunus Emre Enstitüsü), London, England
2019, “3rd-Thursday”, Arts, Letters & Numbers, New York, USA
2019, “Cyan.rar”, Islington Arts Factory, London, England
2019, “IGNEOUS”, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh, Scotland
2019, “How Women Occupy Space”, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh, Scotland
2019, “Eclectic Boundaries”, W.A.S Biennale, Edinburgh, Scotland
2019, “Whistle Project”, Athens, Greece
2019, “Transient”, The Unit, Glasgow, Scotland
2019, Apthorp Gallery, London, England
2019, Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
2019, “Gizzard”, The Wee Red, Edinburgh, Scotland
2018, “Fold”, Contemporary Art Space, Venice, Italy
2018, “Fold”, Online Performance Art Festival, Online, International
2018, “Fold”, Misercordia, Venice, Italy
2018, “Dynamics Of Touch”, Contemporary Art Space, Venice, Italy
2018, “Dynamics Of Touch”, Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy
2016, “Thinking About Food Differently”, Evolution House, Edinburgh, Scotland
2016, “The Circus Between Worlds” Glasgow International, Glasgow, Scotland
2016, “Bookmarks (Artist Book Fair)”, Sculpture Court, Edinburgh, Scotland
2015, “Fresh Meat”, The Space Club, Edinburgh, Scotland
2014, “Inauguration”, ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland
2014, Graduate Exhibition – GCC, Glasgow, Scotland
2013, “Building Scotland, Regenerating Renfrewshire”, Paisley, Scotland
2012, Paisley Museum and Art Gallery, Paisley, Scotland


2021, “VR-ChT”, Various Locations, International, Virtual
2021, “r-room”, Rec Room, International, Virtual
2020, “Lockdown Performances”, Periscope, International, Virtual
2018, “Residue”, Ponte de Paterniàn, San Marco, Venice, Italy
2018, “Paradise Corns”, ECA, Room B14, Edinburgh, Scotland
2018, “Cornucopia”, ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland
2017, “CU-CO”, ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland
2016/18, “Anon Train Artist”, Public Transport, Scotland
2017, “Fold + 1”, Public Performance, Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland
2016, “Tiny Haunds”, Public Performance Art, Falkirk, Scotland
2016, “Fold”, Public Performance Art, Edinburgh, Scotland
2015, “Touch Dynamics”, The Wee Red, Edinburgh, Scotland