November 4th | 2019


Eclectic Boundaries, a project initiated by Intermedia artist Ayshia Taskin for WAS Biennale [2019] ‘We Respect Your Privacy’

Eclectic Boundaries brings together a diverse cohort of artists where ‘chance’ is used to determine action-based happenings. The project is a call to playfulness and subversion of instructions through the use of aesthetic Neo-Fluxai word-play!

Participating / Contributing Artists:

September 16th: Roberto Di Vito / Ayshia Taskin

September 23rd: Michalakis Georgiou / Madeline Hibbins-Cline / Winona Vigileos / Ayshia Taskin

September 30th: Annahita Brooks / Ayshia Taskin

October 7th: Roberto Di Vito / Ayshia Taskin / Mona Yoo

October 14th: Lauren Dixon / Lucas Priest / Olivia Brown / Ayshia Taskin

October 21st: Tosia Bargiełowska Johnsen / Katelyn Grant / Ayshia Taskin

October 28th: Ayshia Taskin / Tosia Bargiełowska Johnsen / Roberto Di Vito

November 4th: Ayshia Taskin / Tosia Bargiełowska Johnsen / Sophia Lycouris / Oma Keeling

November 11th: Ayshia Taskin / Plastic Bag

November 18th: Annahita Brooks / Ayshia Taskin / Roberto Di Vito / Natalie Godjamanian / Katie McGroarty


#EclecticBoundaries #MakeMondaysGreatAgain

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