Central themes surrounding my work involve everydayness and the beauty present within the mundane yet magic-like elements
of life. I articulate ideas by exploring cultural, biological processes, emotional, mental and physical contrasts,
subsistence, power structures and how they interconnect and weave the fabric of society. I investigate these topics by
utilising my fascination surrounding “Actionism” and “Absurdism” – including immersive and sometimes ritualistic and 
cult-like repetitive practices. There are elements of participation and collaboration in my work because I consider it
essential to include people in the process and outcome.

My intellectual interests lay in ideas surrounding power structures, politics, culture, food and economies – specifically
how they interconnect within communities and impact personal lives and societal structures. I like to put particular ideas 
into practice - this is what I aim for in my art practice and explore a multitude of methods from engineering, writing to 
simple actions.