Ayshia Taskin | b.1986 | Paisley, Scotland | mostly grew up in Cyprus. While in Cyprus she worked mainly in catering and as a bilingual secretary until moving back to Scotland in 2006 where she began studying Intermedia art at Edinburgh College of Art 2014 – 2018. During this time, Ayshia has exhibited internationally and locally. Ayshia, as an Intermedia artist, uses a varied practice comprising of installation, sculpture, painting, performance, video and drawing to explore the multi-faceted relationship between society, food, and power structures. Believing that art is life and life is food. Therefore, one area Ayshia investigates relates to the act of producing, eating and digesting food and the power structures or limitations placed by society through utilizing ‘pseudo-morality’ to enact an authoritarian reach upon people. This interest also explores societal oppression of appetites, bodies and access to food. Ayshia investigates the making of objects…
be that the engineering of machines that feed everyone or machines for the senses.

Central themes surrounding Ayshia’s work involve the everyday and the beauty present within the mundane yet alluring elements of life. She articulates concepts by exploring cultural, biological processes, emotional, mental and physical contrasts, subsistence, power structures and how they interconnect and weave the fabric of society. Ayshia investigates these topics by utilizing her fascination surrounding humour, action, expectations and absurdism – including immersive and sometimes ritualistic / cult-like practices. There are elements of participation and collaboration in her work because she considers it essential to include people in the process and outcome.

Ayshia likes to put particular ideas into practice. She achieves this by exploring a multitude of methods from engineering, writing to simple actions.